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Steel Arctus' Latest Metal Masterpiece: 'Master of War'

Steel Arctus, the epic/heavy metal band that has been making waves in the music scene since 2020, has just released their latest album, 'Master of War'. This 10-track album is a bold statement of Steel Arctus' musical prowess, combining epic riffs, thunderous rhythms, and screaming vocals to create a sonic experience that is not to be missed. Epic/heavy metal at its finest!

'Master of War' takes listeners on a journey of the mighty warrior Steel Arctus through the darkest corners of the kingdom of Hades, fighting his way through the underworld to find his true love Arcadian Lady, but also facing his own self. The band blends traditional heavy metal and epic metal, with each track delivering a visceral and unforgettable experience.

Fans of the genre will find much to love in this album, as will newcomers who are looking for a classic take on heavy/epic metal music.The album has already received rave reviews from critics and webzines from all over the world.The album was mixed and mastered by Strutter at Valve Studio, Thessaloniki Greece. 'Master of War' is a testament to Steel Arctus' artistic vision and dedication to their craft.


The album is available now on all major streaming platforms, and fans can catch Steel Arctus on tour as they bring their explosive live show to venues across the world. For more information and tour dates, visit the official website.














1. Fire and Blood 04:08

2. Steel Arctus 03:46

3. Hellhammer 03:36

4. Doombringer 03:15

5. Moira (Μοίρα) 01:42

6. Savage Heart 04:46

7. Arcadian Lady 04:40

8. Fire and Blood (instrumental) 04:08

Nash G. - Rhythm/Lead guitars, bass, keys

Tasos Lazaris - All vocals

Xines - Drums

Music/Lyrics by Nash G.

Mixing/mastering by Strutter Valve studio

Album cover by Manos Lagouvardos

Valve Studio Records release


1. Master of War 04:19

2. Midnight Priest 04:08

3. Flames of Hades 04:51

4. God of Fire 04:36

5. Cry for Redemption 05:29

6. Glorious Days 04:33

7. Hear My Battlecry 05:03

8. Black Mountains 04:58

9. Nekyia (Νέκυια) 01:48

10. Cry For Redemption (Bonus Instrumental) 05:30

Nash G. - Rhythm/Lead guitars, keys

Tasos Lazaris - All vocals

Strutter - Bass, Keys, orchestrations

Xines - Drums

Music/Lyrics by Nash G.

Mixing/mastering by Strutter Valve studio

Album cover by Manos Lagouvardos

Valve Studio Records release

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Check out our bandcamp page for more info!


Welcome to the world of Steel Arctus! Forged by the Eternal fire of Pindus mountains, Steel Arctus has been spreading their brand of unrelenting metal across the world since their inception in 2020 by lead/rhythm guitarist Nash G.

With their bone-crushing riffs, face-melting solos, thundering drums, and spine-tingling vocals, Steel Arctus has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of heavy metal. Their music is a fusion of classic metal, power, and epic metal, resulting in a sound that is uniquely their own. The band is consisted of four members: Nash G.  on rhythm/lead guitars & keys , Tasos Lazaris on vocals, Strutter on bass/keys and Minas Chatziminas on drums.


The album chronicles the adventures of the warrior Steel Arctus as he battles evil forces. On the last album Steel Arctus faces dark forces in the kingdom of Hades, as well as faces himself.

Over the years, Steel Arctus has released two studio albums, each one more intense and explosive than the last. Their latest release, "Master of War," is a testament to the band's musical prowess, featuring tracks like "Master of War," "God of Fire," and "Midnight Priest," which have all become instant classics among their devoted fanbase.

Steel Arctus is also known for their electrifying live shows, so join the legion of the Steel Arctus and experience the power of true heavy metal! All Hail Steel Arctus!

Nash G.
Tasos Lazaris
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Minas Chatziminas

Band News

We had the honor to record drums for our  two albums 'Fire and Blood' and 'Master of War' with Xines.
Our brother from Evora,Portugal delivered great performances.

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